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I'm going to my past to find inspiration

I reached into my past for my most recent design inspiration. I absolutely loved Rainbow Brite when I was a kid. This is me at age 4ish about to be 5ish Easter 1986. Every year at my grandparents house we did an Easter egg hunt for the little plastic eggs. Each child having a specific color to grab. Mine was green it was always green it's been my favorite color since before I can remember or maybe its cause green was the color of egg I always had to grab. Anyways after picking the eggs and opening them up to find quarters, crumpled dollars and snack size candies there would be an egg with a note. That note was my ticket to the big Easter surprise. It would give me directions to the mailbox where I would find another green egg and in that egg it would have another note. This would go on 3 or 4 more times having me from one side of the property to the other, inside and outside the house. Well this year the last note said to go to the shed in the backyard right next to the pile of shit. My grandparents house was next to my great grandpas house and he always had a garden and a huge pile of shit in his yard that smelled horrific. I had to hold my breath that day in the hot California sun to venture into the shed full of old tools, spiders and cobwebs but there she was right in the middle of the shed. I forgot all about the smell and the creepy spiders and screamed while running out of there with the best present ever in my arms. There's been many holidays and many other gifts and things I've bought myself but they've never had a story like this. A story of pure joy and excitement. I had her for many years until I got to that age where dolls were dumb and I just wanted to smoke cigarettes and and hang out with friends and talk about boys. I can't remember what ended up happening to her but I still remember the story of how I got her. Having said that I have been working on a Rainbow Brite collection you are gonna love it. I know you will cause I love it. I'm super excited about it and will have a sneak peak at something tomorrow. It will be launching on Monday so stay tuned or whatever people say.

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