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Sweet Tees Trash has a website

I launched the website tonight. I can't believe it. I freaking did it. Even with templates and step by step everything it was hard. I was about to give up this weekend. I'm so very glad I didn't. I normally would have clocked out the second time I couldn't get the domain to connect to the site. That was over a week ago. Anyways I feel like I accomplished something huge right now, I basically stopped creating content and memes cause I was focused on this damn website. Watching and waiting for a damn connection that was not happening. Enough with me tooting my horn and on to the Sweet Tees Trash. Now that the website is published and live I will be able to concentrate on getting more photos downloaded to the site and putting out new content. I hate getting in that funk of blah but it happens and this time I won't beat myself up for being slow with this site or having the creative block. It's ok and I'll adapt or move past it and get through it or whatever people say. I'm pretty sure no one is reading this and if you are thank you I think.

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